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The BMC Group of Schools, a recognised landmark in its pursuit of excellence in education is deeply
dedicated with the mission 'Deeds, Not Words'.
        BMC Group, globalised corporate business initiated its BMC Charitable Trust with many social responsibilities. One among them is our BMC Group of Schools in Tuticorin. They comprise of about 170 teaching and 100 non-teaching staff members in 4 different kinds of education institutions. BMC Teacher Training Institute upgrades every year 100 young student teachers through its two year Teacher Training programme without any capitation fees.
"What we are is God's gift to us.
What we become is out gift to God."
Dr. I. Joseph John Kennedy
BMC Group of Schools.
       We live in a society where "We" the parents give our best efforts  to our children, in all possible ways. The best of clothing , shelter,latest gadgets and the endless-list goes on; so that they lead a very successful and prosperous life.
        But, it is our foremost duty that apart from their economically comfortable life, our children must be trained to face the challenges of life with confidence and happiness. They must know to handle their emotions, conflicts and ups and downs of life, independently. They must also be prepared physically and mentally fit to enhance their inter-personal and intra-personal skills.
        The child's individual intelligence in logic, Science, Mathematice, Language, music, arts, sports activities or in any other extra-curricular activity should be identified and developed. This would naturally enable them to get into the best college, ideal profession and into the best future, they dreamt for....!
       Our BMC Schools are ready to serve humanity with quality education, commitment and dedication in developing our student community, to grow up gracefully with their specific (MULTIPLE) INTELLIGENCE. So, Teachers as their "SECOND PARENTS" provide our students, the best learning environment.
       We assure that children who get into our school will learn without fear and excel meritoriously with the joy of involvement in their curricular and extracurricular activities.
        I Greet teachers and parents, who love children and wish them to have a bright future.
       Let us make the Learning, Teaching and Nurturing process Happy. And wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous Life.
                                                       Thank you.
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