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"Hide not yet talents, but let them shine"
           We cultural council members strongly believe that our students inner talents and creativity are brought to light and never hidden
           So we encourage our students in every possible ways to know their individual identity, apart from the academic excellence.
           The cultural council encourages and implements new assignments. The glowing golden yellow represents the gleaming spirit of the council. The cultural members are assigned with duties of arranging and organising all cultural programmes, throughout the year. The cultural members along with their student volunteers in turn help with decorations and other arrangements in making all the programmes a grand success.
           The BMC Art festival is held during the first week of August. The week long celebrations has variety talent shows involving our students from classes KG to XII. Religious and National festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Christmas day celebrations, Independence day, Republic day, Kamaraj's Birthday, Teacher's day and Children's day are organised and are celebrated with pomp and vigour.
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