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Staff and strength of students
            The current K.G strength is 353. The staff strength is 14.
Student Activity
Academic Activity
            Semester system is followed. The children of K.G are given play way method of teaching with English as medium of instruction. Computer and swimming are given as co-curricular activity for the children.
            Apart from learning subjects like English, Tamil, Maths and Science and G.K, Moral Values are also taught. The inquisitive natures of the children are nurtured by encouraging them with drawing, colouring and other creative works..
Non Academic Activity
            Competitions like fancy dress, Story telling, recitation etc are held often to stimulate their senses and to encourage their creativity. Nature walks, Games, Smart class etc enhances their concentration. The children present colourful dance programs and dramas for various celebrations like Diwali, Christmas, School Annual Day etc under the proper guidance of the well trained and affectionate teachers..
           The children spread their name and fame not only in the intraschool competitions but also in various inter school competitions.
            To make the children aware of the important concepts like safety, world peace etc, and important days like First aid-day, world peace day, we celebrate them in the K.G. block along with the students with their full involvement.
            K.G. classes play a role of "A Home away from Home" by blending curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular into a potent syrup for every child to relish and refresh.
            The last day of K.G's ie K.G graduation day celebrations boost our kids to become sincere and responsible citizens to serve our nation in future..
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